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Neurophotonics Laboratory


Past Students & Post-Docs

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Proma, Farjana
Proma, Farjana (Researcher)
  • RESEARCH INTERESTI have completed my undergraduate and master’s both in biomedical sceince which leads me to become a researcher to contribute my skill as well as knowledge in the health industry. Now, my research area focuses on the understanding of neuroscience specially in the Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dimension. This research is to learn and understand the pathological cause of these dementia disorder.
Shourav, M Mohiuddin Khan
Shourav, M Mohiuddin Khan (Post-Doc)
  • E-MAILmohiuddin@gist.ac.kr
  • RESEARCH INTERESTMy research interests are primarily on biomedical optics for in vivo functional brain imaging with a home-built multi-photon laser scanning microscope to allow high spatiotemporal resolution utilizing an advanced volumetric scheme. Also, I am interested in an animal model for the study of neuropathic pain mechanisms.
  • Current StatusWilmer Eye Institute Dept. of Ophthalmology Johns Hopkins University PhD Postdoctoral fellow
Mac, Khuong Duy
Mac, Khuong Duy (Researcher)
  • RESEARCH INTERESTMy fascination with vivo imaging began immediately after I completed my degree in Biomedical Engineering. This is an excellent opportunity for knowledge acquisition regarding vivo imaging, it allows me to grow my interest in different aspects of the material. My goal is to eventually explore the deep sides of Biomedical in the world. For that matter, I am currently developing an advanced fluorescent microscope with elongated point-spread function for fast pseudo-3D imaging, for functional neurophotonic.
김민성 Kim, Minsung
김민성 Kim, Minsung MS (2022.08)
  • RESEARCH INTERESTProper utilization of light can control biological phenomenon and help observe the microscopic range of living cells through imaging. Furthermore, it is essential for research in neuroscience that is a very interesting field of research. I majored in chemistry in college and am currently researching Near-infrared light stimulation therapy in the olfactory bulb photothrombosis rodent model. Through structural and functional images of blood vessels and neurons, I want to quantitatively measure the effect of light of a specific wavelength in vivo and prove its effect. In addition to the current research, I would like to solve the hidden problems of the phenomenon occurring in the brain based on various in vivo and in vitro research experiences.
김관훈 Kim Gwanhun
김관훈 Kim Gwanhun Intern (2022.08)
  • E-MAILhun0507@wku.ac.kr
Poola, Praveen Kumar
Poola, Praveen Kumar Post-Doc (2018~2019)
  • Current StatusResearch assistantship Imaging Lyceum Laboratory/Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Computational Photography/2nd year of PhD in computer Engineering
Qureshi, Muhammad Mohsin
Qureshi, Muhammad Mohsin Post-Doc (2021)
  • RESEARCH INTERESTOptical imaging plays an important role in neuroscience to understand the complex phenomena of the brain. Currently, I am interested in developing new optical tools for the quantitative measurement of blood flow in rodent’s brain microvascular systems. Also, the change in microvascular density in Grey matter and White matter makes me curious to explore their vulnerability during ischemic stroke. My work is supported by an undergraduate background in applied physics and specialization in photonics engineering during my MS.
  • KEYWORDSkeywords
  • Current StatusUniversity Health Network(UHN),Toronto/Biophotonics in the domain of Cancer Research/Postdoctoral Research Fellow
신영훈 Shin, Younghoon
신영훈 Shin, Younghoon Post-Doc (2017~2018)
  • EDUCATIONM.S., Ph.D. in 2017 from BMSE, GIST B.S. in 2010 from Yonsei University (2010)
  • WORK EXPERIENCE:Post-doctoral researcher in Neurophotonics Lab, GIST (2018)
  • Current StatusAssociate Researcher in Korea Photonics Technology Institute (KOPTI) 한국광기술원
연찬미 Yeon, Chanmi Yeon
연찬미 Yeon, Chanmi Yeon Ph.D. (2022.08)
Afzal, Muhammad Imran
Afzal, Muhammad Imran Post-Doc (2018~2019)
김응삼 Kim, Eung-Sam
김응삼 Kim, Eung-Sam Post-Doc (2013~2014)
  • Current StatusAssociate professor, Department of Biology, Chonnam National University.
진지혜 Jin, Jihye
진지혜 Jin, Jihye Researcher (2021)
진다몬 Jin, Damon
진다몬 Jin, Damon Researcher (2021)
  • Current StatusSunchang Research Institute of Health and Longevity/ Research and Development Division/Researcher
서지영 Seo, Jiyoung
서지영 Seo, Jiyoung Researcher (2021)
양지혜 Yang, Ji Hye
양지혜 Yang, Ji Hye Researcher (2014~2017)
전희재 Jeon, Hee-Jae
전희재 Jeon, Hee-Jae Ph.D (2020.02)
  • Current StatusPost-Doc at Purdue University at West Lafayette, IN, USA Purdu University/Biomedical engineering/Postdoc(2022)
오경석 Oh, Gyungseok
오경석 Oh, Gyungseok Ph.D (2019.06)
  • Thesis TitleClinically-compatible endoscopy for tumor detection with visible and infrared spectrum
  • Current Status특허청/의료기술심사과/심사관
박희진 Park, Hee- Jin
박희진 Park, Hee- Jin Ph.D. (2019.02)
  • Current StatusMinistry of Food and Drug Safety
유수웅 Yoo, Su Woong
유수웅 Yoo, Su Woong Ph.D. (2017.02)
  • Thesis TitleInterventional Approach of Early Stage Cancer with Fractional Laser Irradiation
  • Current StatusNuclear Medicine at Chonnam National University Hwasun Hospital Chonnam National University Hwasun Hospital/Dept. of Nuclear Medicine/Clinical Assistant Professor(2022)
조희주 Cho, Hee Joo
조희주 Cho, Hee Joo MS (2020.02)
  • Thesis TitlePhotobiomodulation effect on primary trigeminal ganglion neurons with near-infrared light
  • Current Status삼성바이오로직스
김수연 Kim, Sooyeon
김수연 Kim, Sooyeon MS (2020.02)
  • Thesis TitleTear Glucose Measurement by Reflectance Spectrum of a Nanoparticle Embedded Contact Lens
  • Current StatusSIMENS Healthineers POC Marketing Professional
Chowdhury, A. M. Mahmud
Chowdhury, A. M. Mahmud MS (2020.02)
  • Thesis TitleDeep learning based segmentation of Meibomian glands for quantitative image analysis
  • Current StatusPh.D. Student, Biomedical Engineering, The Catholic University of America. Biometrics, specialised on Fingerprint, Face, and Palmprint recognition with the help of Deep Learning/2nd PhD done at Clarkson University, USA(2022)
Saha, Ripon Kumar
Saha, Ripon Kumar M.S. (2021.02)
  • Thesis TitleMultimodal deep learning based assessment of meibomian glands with segmentation and adversarial enhancement
Badadhe, Jaya Dilip
Badadhe, Jaya Dilip MS (2019.06)
  • Thesis TitleLight sheet microscopy for particle tracking analysis and determination of diffusion type
  • Current StatusPh.D student, Korea University University of Science and Technology (UST, Daejeon)/PhD in Biomedical Engineering at Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), Seoul (Sept 2020~)
박선호 Park, Seon Ho
박선호 Park, Seon Ho MS (2018.06)
  • Thesis TitlePhotobiomodulation Effect on Neurite Growth of Trigeminal Ganglion Neurons with NIR Irradiation
  • Current StatusASML: The world's supplier to the semiconductor industry
Safi, Abdul Mohaimen
Safi, Abdul Mohaimen MS (2017.06)
  • Current StatusPh.D student in Department of Electrical Eng. at University of South Florida, Tampa, USA
황순주 Hwang, Soonjoo
황순주 Hwang, Soonjoo MS (2017.02)
  • Thesis TitleMeasurement of Temperature Difference between Tumor and Neighboring Tissue using an Infrared Fiber with a Skin Xenograft Model
  • Current StatusResearcher, 씨젠(Seegene)
홍민호 Minho hong
홍민호 Minho hong MS
홍정민 Hong, Jeongmin
홍정민 Hong, Jeongmin
  • Thesis TitleCalcium Imaging for Measuring Hippocampal Neuronal Activity with Electrical Stimulation
류영재 Ryu, YoungJae
류영재 Ryu, YoungJae
  • Current StatusKorean Brain Research Institute
정은석 Jung, Eunseok
정은석 Jung, Eunseok
  • Thesis TitleThe Efficiency of reconstructions with different illumination patterns in compressed sensing fluorescence microscopy
  • Current StatusHyundai Motors/연구개발본부/책임연구원
정연수 Jung, Yeonsu
정연수 Jung, Yeonsu MS (2014.02)
  • Current StatusPost-Doc, Mechanical Engineering Department, Seoul National University. Harvard School of Engineering And Applied Sciences/postdoctoral fellow(2022)
류지희 Jihee Ryu
류지희 Jihee Ryu MS
  • Current StatusAdvanced Photonics Research Institute
김현진 Kim, Andrew Hyunjin
김현진 Kim, Andrew Hyunjin Intern (2021.02)
나우영 Woo young Na
나우영 Woo young Na Intern (2019.08)
  • E-MAILnawygist@gist.ac.kr
이장훈 Janghoon Lee
  • EDUCATION"Undergraduate (Sophomore) College of Medicine, Hanyang University Undergraduate from Gwangju Science Academy (2017.01) Visiting Student, MIT So Lab (2015.06-2015.07)"
  • Current StatusHanyang University/College of Medicine/Undergraduate (Senior)(2022)
이경수 Gyeong-Soo Lee
이경수 Gyeong-Soo Lee Intern (2018.08)
이혜민 Hye-Min Lee
  • EDUCATION"Undergraduate (Junior) Department of Electrical and Biological Physics in Kwangwoon University"
  • Current Status삼성서울병원/내분비대사내과 김재현 교수님 실험실/성균관대학교 삼성융합의과학원 석박통합과정 수료 후 연구학기진행중 (2022)
정 홍 Hong(Amy) Chung
정 홍 Hong(Amy) Chung Intern (2018.12)
황현하 Hyeon-Ha Hwang
  • EDUCATION"Undergraduate (Junior) Department of Electrical and Biological Physics in Kwangwoon University"
김건의 Geun Ui Kim
심주은 Jueun Sim
심주은 Jueun Sim Intern (2018.12)
  • EDUCATION"BS. Department of Chemistry, GIST College Current, graduate school, Dept. Chemistry, KAIST"
김현중 Hyun joong Kim
변진환 Jin Hwan Byun
ProfessorProfessor ResearchResearch 세상에 이런 연구실이?! YouTube Videos